Electrician using screw driver in power box


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Some of our Field Service Solutions

  1. Electricity Metering Installation & Maintenance
  2. Electricity, Gas and Water
  3. Meter Reading Services
  4. Inspection Services
  5. Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions
  6. Field Mobility Solutions
  7. National maintenance and servicing contracts
  8. Customised national customer solutions for Energy Retailers
  9. Customised national customer solutions for Asset Owners
  10. >>> Not on the list, and think it should be? Please let us know!

Automation and Control Service examples

  1. Process Control
  2. OEM Machine Control
  3. Materials Handling & Conveying
  4. SCADA Design
  5. PLC Design & Implementation
  6. Cyber Security

Design and Build Services Include

  1. Electrical
  2. Instrumentation
  3. Controls & Automation
  4. Protection Safety Systems
  5. General power & lighting including emergency lighting
  6. EEHA – Electrical equipment I hazardous areas
  7. Back-up power generation systems
  8. VSD & Motor selection

Instrument and Electrical Key Categories

  1. Onshore & offshore petrochemical projects
  2. Food & beverage projects and maintenance services
  3. Heavy industrial & infrastructure projects
  4. Power generation construction & maintenance
  5. Industrial automation design & installation
  6. Electrical & instrumentation maintenance services
  7. Appliance test & tag services
  8. Hazardous area inspections & assessments